Why Us

Why St. Andrews World School


St. Andrews World School sets up and promises the finest education to the students within an ideal and secure environment.I am very delighted that you are considering St. Andrews World School for your child.

With a dedicated team of fully qualified faculty and non-faculty staff, the school is providing value-based education to all children regardless of their caste, creed religion. We have a strong commitment to transform the educational landscape in the country by giving a quality education that encourages the overall personal and academic development of the students. Within the boundaries of St. Andrews World School, we make sure that our students opening up a whole world of opportunities and fulfill their potentials.

Our school brings the students a large open space as well as appropriately planned buildings for, Middle and Senior Wings, with sample space for outdoor as well as indoor activities. Also, we are thankful to all the teachers and parents for their support. The support has been the biggest motivator for us.